Live Art Books Co., Ltd. is a printing company with a history of more than 60 years.
As an expert in producing high-quality printed matter such as photo books, art books, and exhibition catalogs, we have won various domestic and international awards.
We stay closely connected with creator's craftsmanship, embodying the ideas into printed format, and aiming always to impress anyone who picks up one of our books.

At a Glance

  • LIVE Printing & Design

    Dedicated printing director and print design staff provide printed matter production and highly sensitive graphic design which embodies the sense that the creator wants to achieve.

  • Creative Production

    Providing proposals and LIVE-like art production that make use of the personal connections and knowledge cultivated in the art field for all manufacturing, from software to hardware, regardless of paper or digital, in order to solve the specific needs of the client.

  • Teamwork

    One Team to Solve Problems Insights that can be used to solve business problems reframe the issues between you and your customers. As a member of your project team, mct will work with you to identify "what your customers know and you don't know," "what you know and your customers don't know," and "what neither your customers nor you know." In other words, we will work with you to reframe the issues based on understanding the issues deeply, establishing a new kind of relationship between you and your customers.


  • 01

    Design Unique to a Printing Company

    Mainly producing publicity materials, catalogs, photo books, and art books for art museums and cultural galleries. With a commitment the materials and process, we are able to communicate closely with professional staff at each stage of the process, such as specification design, image production, and printing.

  • 02

    Design Supervision that Brings Images to Life

    To realize the customer's image, we control the manufacturing process from specification proposals and process to scheduling and budget planning. We also coordinate use of personnel resources such as staff and design partners to achieve these goals. In order to pursue high quality, a wide range of operations are carried out smoothly and without loss.

  • 03

    Printing Direction to Achieve the Ideal Quality

    "In order to capture the essence of the image the client wants to express, we propose appropriate methods and conduct quality inspections throughout the process. We listen to the customer's image, adjust the image in consideration of its context - the number of lines, printing frequency, paper, ink, etc. - and communicate with our staff and subcontractors to achieve the ideal printing quality. "

  • 04

    Delivering Print Quality Beyond Common Metrics

    We have established our own management standards for printing which exceed the general Japan Color index. For each printing job, we check the work procedures and maintenance in advance, and check the quality during and after the job, not only relying on visuals but also on numerical values to ensure high quality. In addition, all nine operators are nationally certified offset printing technicians (seven first-class technicians and two second-class technicians).