Deeply understanding the communication issues faced by global companies expanding , Will-Force will propose the best solutions for Japan

At a Glance

  • Global Sales Promotion Specialist

    With more than a decade of experience specializing in global sales promotion, we offer solutions for a wide variety of client scenarios.

  • Proficient English Direction & Communication

    Our staff has extensive experience with overseas clients.

  • Full Service Creative

    From research planning to content and tools production, we support completely operation and management processes.


  • 01

    Design Research for a Deep Understanding of Japan

    Gain insights to sell your products and services, based on a deeper understanding of the Japanese market and Japanese target users.
    ・In-Depth Interviews
    ・Expert Interviews
    ・Field Ethnography
    ・Remote Ethnography
    ・Acceptance Test
    ・Co-Creation Design
    ・Global Desk Research
    ・Online Survey
    ・Market Monitoring
    ・Brand Design Assessment

  • 02

    Effective Sales Promotion Planning and Production

    Based on insights we have accumulated in our company, we consistently create for a wide variety of communication tools.
    ・Promotional Branding / Design
    ・Web Planning / Design
    ・Catalog・Poster Design
    ・Digital/EC Content Production
    ・Video Recording / Editing
    ・Still Photography / 3DCG Production
    ・In-Store Touchpoint Design
    ・Package Design
    ・Promotional Support Tools Production
    ・SNS Content Production

  • 03

    Long-Term Management Combined with Detailed Support

    Beyond promotional activities, we will continue to support your company's through such offerings as review and revision of content, and collecting trend information in Japan.
    ・Product Information Management
    ・Content Management
    ・SNS Management / Operation
    ・Web Construction / Operation ./ Evaluation
    ・Verifying Effectiveness
    ・MA Support
    ・Promoter Training / Education

  • - Japan Launch Promotion Package -

    We provide total support for all promotional activities, optimized for the Japanese market.

    ・Market Research / Analysis
    ・Communications Planning
    ・Promotion Tools Production
    ・Website/SNS Management
    ・Product Information / Content Management
    ・Promoter Support
    ・Design Management