In the era of VUCA, rather than viewing the future as an extension of the past, we need to push beyond existing resources to consider new opprtunities. At the heart of this are fresh insights which reveal new angles for seeing the situation. With the latest methods to gain fresh insights, robust creativity to derive ideas from insights, and smooth teamwork to realize ideas, mct supports clients in transforming their business.

At a Glance

  • Methods

    Globally-Recognized Methods, World-Class Skill To derive superior insights, it is necessary to have a systematic approach combined with the skill and experience to use it flexibly. At mct, our members are skilled in using the latest proven methods, and we leverage our extensive in-house experience in tackling each individual challenge.

  • Creativity

    From Insights to Ideas We are professionals in idea and concept development, with a unique background and creative power backed by project experience and achievements. At mct, we proceed with the framing of each project as "a bridge from insights to ideas."

  • Teamwork

    One Team to Solve Problems Insights that can be used to solve business problems reframe the issues between you and your customers. As a member of your project team, mct will work with you to identify "what your customers know and you don't know," "what you know and your customers don't know," and "what neither your customers nor you know." In other words, we will work with you to reframe the issues based on understanding the issues deeply, establishing a new kind of relationship between you and your customers.


  • 01


    Innovation Through Fresh Insights
    With Design Thinking and Lean Start-Up methods, we provide a full service support for new business development based on insights, from exploring business themes, discovering business opportunities & issues, to verifying business ideas.

    ・Opporuntity Discovery Research
    ・Context Research
    ・User Research
    ・Concept Development
    ・Business Model Design
    ・UX・UI Design
    ・User Testing
    ・Design Sprints

  • 02

    CX Transformation

    Using Insights for CX Transformation
    CX Transformation Through Fresh Insights
    We support business transformation led by customer insights, including the introduction of CX management methods and CX-driven digital transformation. We can also help you introduce mechanisms to scale your CX initiatives, such as the use of digital insights and design systems.
    ・CX Management
    ・Digital Transformation
    ・B2B Digital Marketing
    ・CX Analytics
    ・Design System

  • 03

    Global Growth

    Global Growth Through Fresh Insights
    Our diverse team of bilinguals and trilinguals, with language support, provides insights that drive global growth through design research of global standard quality in Japan, Asia and around the world. From Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to Sustainable Innovation, we cover a wide range of topics in line with global trends.
    ・Global Design Research 
    ・Competitive Intelligence
    ・Global Marketing
    ・Global CX Management
    ・Sustainable Innovation

  • 04

    Organization Development

    Teaming Through Fresh Insights
    Organization Development Through Fresh Insights
    We can help you build teams and change the way you work based on employee insights, including employee experience, organizational culture, remote collaboration, and improving relationships with partners and branches of global companies. We also offer design thinking skills training and coaching for organizations and teams by experts with extensive experience in design thinking projects.

    Employee Experience
    ・Organizational Culture
    ・Remote Collaboration
    ・Design Thinking Training
    ・Organizational Relationship Improvement