As specialists in branding and promotion,we provide a full service offering from research to creative development.

Reasons to Work with Us

  • Industry experience

    We have a track record of working successfully with clients across sectors, including life sciences, housing, and machinery. This gives us an understanding of Japan’s B2B market dynamics and buyer expectations that we use to create solutions that get you to your goals .

  • Collaborative workstyle

    We enjoy working in close collaboration with our clients – using workshop settings to define business objectives and bringing in survey data to develop the optimal branding and promotion plan. From there we can select the tools and approaches that will lead to success.

  • Design expertise

    We execute around 2,000 communication design projects each year. We’re skilled at creating multi-media communications programs that combine online and offline content to support sales activities, and assets to promote your brand.


  • 01

    CX for Japan-Based Corporate Branding

    We design and implement brand concepts and various communication strategies based on customer experience, comprehensively reviewing the identity of the company, its products and services, and the value that customers, stakeholders, and employees perceive.
    From upstream design to visual development, members share the concept at a deep level work together to provide seamless branding support.

  • 02

    UI/UX-Driven Strategic Website Development, From Creation to Operation

    Understanding the information needs and goals of the user, and the business needs of the client, to build websites from a UI/UX perspective that bridges the communication between the two.
    Not only do we build websites, but we also provide comprehensive support for operations, from attracting customers and digital marketing, to incorporating content, and measuring effectiveness.

  • 03

    3DCG Production / VR / AR

    At DCD, our aim is not just using VR & AR to produce ever-more realistic looking content, but to pursue methods of smoothly moving high-spec data incorporated into the kind of content that users want to see.
    In 2D/3DCG production, we use the most advanced technology to provide realistic CG. Even in large spaces where shooting with precision equipment can be difficult, we are able to support a large number of product variations.

  • 04


    We design exhibition spaces and other physical spaces that resonate with the senses, guiding the line of sight and using light according to tracking points in order to provide a better overall experience for the visitor.
    We also design web-based exhibitions to promote products and services, seminars, business negotiations, and the provision of information materials, etc. We collect detailed user data and browse trends that are unique to the web, and contribute to customer DX.

  • 05

    Design Management

    We handle the management of a variety of designs based on user psychology.
    In editorial design, we accurately understand the composition plan to incorporate into the design. We take care in handling information hierarchies and searchability while at the same time efficiently and beautifully completing a large number of pages.
    In graphic design, we thoroughly observe products and services from the user's point of view, and create designs that are simple, beautiful, and easy to communicate.