Effective communication starts with a deep understanding of your audience. Daishinsha Delight applies experience and expertise to develop and implement communications strategies founded in customer insights and focused on achieving your business goals.

Reasons to Work with Us

  • Focused on outcomes

    We invest the time to understand your business objectives. This lets us align with you to plan the optimal blend of coordinated activities to achieve the desired outcomes for your company.

  • Passionate about experience

    We use customer-centric design approaches to create assets and experiences that resonate with your intended audience. Everything starts with a deep understanding of their needs and motivations.

  • Dedicated to quality

    We apply our experience and knowledge of design and production, to ensure consistently high-quality assets to represent your brand. We can also support your in-house creation processes to ensure consistent quality.


  • 01

    Promotional Activities Targeting Japanese People for Overseas Travel

    As the world increasingly becomes borderless, the number of people traveling overseas from Japan, and the amount of money spent overseas by Japanese travelers, is increasing. Daishinsha Delight supports clients in achieving their goals and challenges by implementing a series of integrated measures in the phases of (1) identifying the needs of overseas travelers, (2) communicating the appeal (value), (3) expanding the appeal (value), and (4) verifying the results.

  • 02

    Digital Marketing Initiatives Which Resonate with Japanese People

    In order to achieve results for our clients, we start by clarifying the target audience, and apply towards creation of websites and applications that will serve as the foundation for information dissemination, approaching the target audience using the most appropriate media and methods, such as online advertising, content marketing, and SNS account management, and then verifying the results. We provide comprehensive support from strategy formulation to effectiveness verification.

  • 03

    Office / Showroom / Exhibition Booth Design

    By unifying all of the content that makes up a space design with a visual identity (VI), a more effective message can be communicated, and powerful corporate branding (=CI) can be achieved.
    Daishinsha Delight not only proposes VI for space design, logos, web, graphics, DTP, movies, etc., but also provides full-service solution proposals by analyzing the objectives and needs and designing the space from a marketing perspective.

  • 04

    Catalog Planning and Production

    We possess the technology and know-how nurtured by a extensive history of catalog production of over 60 years. What we have always sought to achieve is how to produce accurate information in a well-organized manner in a limited amount of time. Our accumulated understanding of markets and products, as well as our solid planning and production capabilities, enable us to support the sales promotion and marketing activities of companies and contribute to results.

  • 05

    Photoshoot Direction / 3DCG Production

    Using our image synthesis technology, we process stock photos taken on location overseas and product shooting data through 2DCG synthesis. Even in environments where location shooting is not possible, we can provide unique spatial images. We also use 3DCG technology to create images of products from CAD data, which can be combined with 3DCG space to create images in virtual space. This contributes to the expansion of image scenes and visual expressions.

  • 06

    Multi-Use Space "Seaside Studio CASO"

    This special large space is conveniently located about 30 minutes from Umeda and Namba in Osaka.

    The studio consists of six spaces that can be used flexibly according to your needs, it can be used not only as a photography studio or gallery, but also as a multipurpose space for various activities.
    Please consult with us about renting a whole building for long-term or short-term use.
    We also offer model casting, location coordination, and creative production as related services.

  • 07

    Effective team-building program Artbar Osaka

    Artbar Osaka offers a session where you can enjoy creating art with a glass of wine in one hand and your creativity in the other.
    This is an effective team-building activity that improves team performance. Through unique art-making challenges, Artbar Osaka brings out the creative thinking and communication skills of participating team members and enhances organizational and team cohesion.