Case Study

ADTEC Engineering Promotion for New Product Debut

  • Total Promotion / 3DCG Production / Exhibition

CLIENT : ADTEC Engineering


Implementation of a total promotion focused on a new product of ADTEC Engineering. In order to convey the image of manufacturing precision equipment, we used high-definition CG images to express the structure and mechanism. The CG video was produced with such realistic expressions that it could be mistaken for a real picture. The video introduces the functions, structure, principles, and various production methods of INPREX.

Issue & Solutions

Utilizing the CG video created for display on the main monitor of the exhibition, we implemented a total promotion approach including the creation of a special website, design and UX design of the exhibition space, catalog production, VR, AR, product models, PPT production for sales activities, and product logo revision.


At the exhibition, we succeeded in creating a strong impression of the company’s strengths and the advanced nature of its products through a consistent communication design, from the pre-exhibition announcement stage, to the venue on the day of the exhibition, and post-exhibition sales activities, tripling the number of business cards acquired compared to the previous year. The special website for promotion was kept on as the product website, further establishing the product image with a consistent world view even after the exhibition.