Case Study

Virtual Client Innovation Center

CLIENT : Ajinomoto Co., Inc.


Ajinomoto Co., Inc. is the world’s leading amino acid manufacturer, operating food and amino science businesses in Japan and throughout the world. In June 2018, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. opened the Client Innovation Center in Kawasaki, where it aims to solve social issues and create new value by linking its “advanced bio/fine chemical technologies” and “deliciousness design technologies” with technologies owned by its business partners.

As the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to communicate with business partners by face to face, we were approached by Ajinomoto Co., Inc. on the development of some kind of solution.

Upon consultation, we met with the client and discussed several ideas together, including a CG design of the facility and 2D representations for the web. The client sought to have an experience as close to the real thing as possible, but virtual. In this spirit, we developed a 360° virtual site.


There were two main points in the building of the site. The first was to create both an open site and a closed site. The second was to recreate the real spatial experience in a virtual environment.


(1) Building an open access site and a member-only site

Since the Client Innovation Center (CIC) is a facility for business partners, we created two virtual sites: an open access site for the general public, and a member-only site for limited public access. The member-only site is available to partners who have specially applied for technology introduction and co-creation activity programs.


(2) Reproducing the real spatial experience virtually

The CIC has been creating new value with business partners through process of “Empathize → Experience → Combine Intelligence → Expand Networkt”

For example, in the “technology space,” where visitors can learn the technologies that Ajinomoto Co., Inc. has developed, a guide is displayed for each technology, allowing each visitor to intuitively view the details of the technology they are interested in.


Ajinomoto Co., Inc. particularly appreciated the high quality of the virtual site’s content despite the short delivery time, and they continue to use the site as a place to guide its technologies and hold sessions with business partners while viewing the space.


Please visit Ajinomoto’s website and enjoy.Virtual Client Innovation Center

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